Solving POTS for the Digital Era

The EPIK Edge™ is a simple solution to a very complex problem. It works by relying on 4G LTE or an internet connection and a built-in lithium battery that is being constantly recharged by a standard 110V power outlet. On top of providing every-day connectivity, in the event of a power outage, the EPIK Edge™ delivers unmatched failover connectivity.

Built-In Power

The EPIK Edge has a built-in lithium battery that is being constantly recharged by a standard 110V power outlet.

Dual Capable* 4G LTE SIM Card

The device includes a 4G LTE SIM card so connectivity is always available. 4G LTE enables both internet connectivity and analog dial tone connectivity for up to 32 lines.

*Dual Modem units only


Uninterrupted Notifications for Alarms

An EPIK Box will send text and/or email notifications to multiple parties when an alarm or phone call occurs.


What are the industry options for POTS replacement?

The competition in the POTS line space is pretty much the ILECS (who are raising prices and trying to “get out of the copper support business” , The Aggregators  (who are rebilling the ILEC Copper lines), The cable companies (with SIP handoff from internet to ATA), and a couple of other POTS replacement companies that are using a cloud PBX with ATA’s and a 4G connection.

For the most part, the focus of this correspondence will be on what we call the Fire-Life- Safety Lines (Alarms, elevators, etc.) as these are the areas where compliances and regulations come into play the most . . and where EPIK has the biggest advantage.

What details around Fire Life Safety (FLS) lines do I need to know when choosing a POTS replacement solution?

Life Safety lines  require an “always-up” 48-volt, negative ground circuit that . . .

  1. Are really  not well suited for (compatible with) cloud-based deployments (SIP-ATA) 
  2. FLS lines have to comply with the very stringent requirements of  Public Safety agencies, NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency, UL (Underwriters Laboratory)  and other state and local requirements).

The EPIK Solution!

EPIK’s Patented design, (incorporating  “on-board”  soft-switch intelligence with Ethernet, Foreign Exchange Subscriber (FXS), and 4G LTE technology in a single appliance enables EPIK to excel in these “Life-Safety” applications, where most competing products fall short and also provides full compliance with regulations and standards.

It is because of this design, according to NFPA -72 EPIK qualifies as a Managed Facilities Voice Network (MFVN)

EPIK is not a digital communicator or a POTS emulation and is connected to the network side of the Standard Network Interface (SNI) or “demarc” block. There are very key differences that make EPIK a more reliable and fully compliant with Life – Safety requirements compared to an analog terminal adapter with an LTE modem registered to a cloud instance of a PBX.

With EPIK,  because of the built in Softswitch, Analog Devices (Fire-Life-Safety) are able register directly with the EPIK appliance  “locally” which, in turn, is statically connected to the Verizon Private Network and directly  “peered” with the PSTN.  In essence, EPIK  has the same functionality of  a Carrier Central Office and, subsequentlygives EPIK the very important distinction of qualifying as a MFVN (Managed Facilities Voice Network) which the most stringent compliance and NEGATES any requirements to comply with the other standards!