From Point of Sale to Burglar and Fire Alarms, the EPIK Box keeps you connected.


Keeping your office and patient data connected and secured.


Keeping your Fire | Life | Safety lines always up

Government Solutions

Applications for Fire | Life | Safety, internet backup, and more all over the reliable Verizon 4G LTE Network

What can EPIK do for you?


Business still requires fax lines to send and accept orders, comply with HIPPA and other regulations, and more. Switch fax lines to run on an EPIK Edge™ for a reliable solution that costs much less than conventional analog lines.


SCADA systems require reliable, always-on connectivity. Now you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing your control and data systems aren’t solely tied to your internet connection and your primary power source.

Point of Sale Solutions

POS systems are the lifeline of your business. With conventional POTS lines going away, you need a highly-available solution with built-in redundancy and high-performance. With an EPIK Edge™ you’ll be able to take payments no matter what.

Disaster Relief

Disaster recovery plans start with a reliable and self-contained connection. The EPIK Edge™ delivers reliable connectivity for less.

PRI Redundancy

Don’t let traditional telecom solutions stay traditional, with their inherent single point of failure limitation. The EPIK Edge™ provides a simple, yet elegant redundant path for your calls to take.  

Secure Access and Life-Safety Applications

Many life-safety applications still work best on ‘analog-like’ lines. The EPIK Edge™ gives you reliable connectivity for much less, plus lines will still be available when the power is out.

Healthcare Solutions

Compliant and Reliable Solutions

The EPIK Solution is fully HIPPA compliant and offers faxing and voicemail solutions along with its fully compliant POTS replacement capability for elevators, fire and burglar alarms, and WiFi capability.


Point of Sale and Backup Connectivity

Keep your business moving and continue taking electronic payments during a power or internet outage


Industrial and Construction

Traditionally POTS lines were required to operate elevators, fire
alarm panels and intrusion alarms. With POTS lines going away, a
new solution is required to enable these applications to
communicate with the PSTN.

Government Solutions

State, Local, Education (SLED)

The EPIK Edge does more than just POTS Replacement. Included 5G and WiFi offers failover solutions to ensure delivery of education, and government operations never go down.

Elevate Your Connectivity