Elevate Your Connectivity

EPIK is the only device of its kind to qualify as a Managed Facility Voice Network (MFVN) ensuring that you have service quality and reliability from your location to the PSTN or other MFVN peer network. This allows all fire and security providers to partner with EPIK with confidence other solutions can not offer.

Improve Disaster Readiness

The EPIK™ BOX delivers reliable connectivity for less and comes standard with 4G LTE and 5G capability.

Decrease Cost

Reduce the need for expensive capex. With EPIK you can experience significant savings and streamline your business communications infrastructure.

Why Choose EPIK?

  • One single device for any POTS Replacement/Mitigation scenario.

  • Other Pseudo-dial tone devices or Single application solutions create costly and complicated communications infrastructure, inflated monthly recurring costs and individual installations.

  • EPIK POTS Replacement solves for common POTS challenges and advanced communication headaches and wishlists by localizing a central office on premise, with real dial tone thereby extending the lifespan of legacy equipment.

Fire | Life | Safety

Many life-safety applications still work best on ‘analog-like’ lines. The EPIK™ BOX gives you reliable connectivity for much less, plus lines will still be available when the power is out.

5G Capability

4G LTE standard connectivity with 5G capability means the EPIK Box can double as a reliable business solution for more than just POTS replacement. EPIK can also be used for WiFi and broadband failover!

PRI Redundancy

Don’t let traditional telecom solutions stay traditional, with their inherent single point of failure limitation. The EPIK™ BOX provides a simple, yet elegant redundant path for your calls to take.

Disaster Relief

Trusted Disaster recovery plans start with a reliable and self-contained connection. The EPIK™ BOX delivers reliable connectivity for less.


Business still requires fax lines to send and accept orders, comply with HIPPA and other regulations, and more. Switch fax lines to run on an EPIK™ BOX for a reliable solution that costs much less than conventional analog lines.

Carriers are literally “hanging up” on POTS

Today, copper telephone lines that support POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) are an aging infrastructure that is deteriorating rapidly. The FCC and major telephone providers like AT&T have already started phasing out their support of analog POTS lines, pushing customers to fiber or wireless connections. Over the next few years, POTS will only get more expensive and offer fewer options. So what should companies do? What about applications that run natively better on analog lines, like security alarms, gate systems, and FAX lines? What do you do when POTS goes away? You need Epik!

3 Reasons Why you need EPIK

EPIK Saves You Money

Landline costs have tripled or quadrupled in some places with future increases likely. With EPIK you can save 40 to 60% and your per-line cost won’t go up over time.

Provides Redundancy

Because EPIK runs on only the most reliable 4G LTE networks, you’ll have backup Internet in case your primary service goes down.

Better Reliability

Your EPIK lines are more reliable than old copper landlines. If something does go wrong it can be fixed remotely most of the time. This keeps your business running

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